Top 7 Places To Get Research Paper Examples For High School Students

High school students often have underdeveloped critical reading, exploratory, and academic writing skills. So, they need some assistance when it comes to writing a research paper. Using a well-written example is a good idea. However, it takes some time and plenty of patience to find a document that you will benefit from.

Where to Find Examples of a High School Research Paper

The following suggestions provide you with top 7 places to find a well-composed example:

  1. An online writing lab.
  2. High school and colleges provide samples of almost every type of papers on the websites of the writing labs. Most public institutions do not require usernames and passwords to access their resources.

  3. An educational website.
  4. Many educational companies sponsor websites with supportive homework materials, including samples of papers, textbooks with examples, and how-to articles with useful guidelines.

  5. Student forums.
  6. Almost every student forum has a number of posts devoted to how to cope with writing assignments successfully. There, students upload samples, writing manuals, and tips on how to get homework help.

  7. Electronic archives.
  8. On the Web, educational institutions create collections of academic works so that students could use these documents as examples. Keep in mind that such collections may contain poorly composed assignments as well.

  9. A formatting guide.
  10. A comprehensive formatting guide provides examples of how to format research paper parts, e.g. an introduction, main chapters, conclusions, and bibliography.

  11. Your course webpage.
  12. Usually, your course webpage provides a description of the assignment, along with a list of helpful materials. Sometimes, these materials include top-quality samples selected by your professor.

  13. A top-rated writing agency.
  14. There are many online writing agencies. To help students evaluate the quality of their services, credible agencies provide free examples of the works prepared by their writers that you may use as samples.

How to Use a Found Example Effectively

It’s recommended that you pick a sample written on a topic related to your research area. Then, pay close attention to the organization of the assignment: study the main structural elements, identify transitions, note how quotations are used, and figure out effective strategies to introduce the ideas.

Formatting is another thing that you could follow. So, look through the paper carefully to identify the font size, spacing, alignment, and indent used. Note whether all the pages are numbered or the title page has no number. Study how in-text citations and references are formatted, and what additional information the writer provides in footnotes if any.

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