10 Interesting Literature Research Paper Topics For College Students

When deciding what topic to pick as a college student, I have learned that I will do better if I pick something that I am interested in. Also, I have to attempt to find a topic that will have large amounts of information so it will be easier to get information for whatever I want to prove in my thesis. My next step is to pick from 10 topics that I find interesting.

  1. Edgar Allan Poe- He led a very hard life as a child and this may have led to the darkness in his poems. His poetry was very descriptive and left the reader with a feeling of dread. He was an extremely popular author and once a thesis has been decided on, there is plenty of data to substantiate whatever argument you create.
  2. Great Expectations- Spark notes states numerous directions you can take with this great piece of literature.
  3. Fantasy Literature- Homer’s Odyssey was great, works on paranormal here also
  4. Indian writings in English- refers to Indo-Anglian literature- writers from India that produce works in English
  5. Woman’s Role in Shakespeare Plays
  6. Human Life through Charles Dickens
  7. Victorian Literature
  8. American Literature
  9. Italian Literature
  10. Human Life through Charles Dickens novels- He has a very challenging childhood with a very troubled family life. His characters were often outcasts which was a recurring theme in his writings.

Once you have decided on a topic, you need to state your thesis. Make sure you decide on something that is interesting to you. You will be spending many hours researching books, movies, blogs, magazines and any other media that can get you some unique information. After stating your thesis, you need to make a tentative outline. Based on your thesis, your outline should be a map of how you are going to attack your argument. Next you need to organize your notes around your outline. Make sure you have plenty of supportive documentation for your thesis. Now you are ready to write your first draft. If you have does a thorough job so far, the rough draft should go relatively smooth. Now you are rolling- next revise your outline and become much more detailed. Create topic sentences for your outline and make sure your grammar is correct. Finally you are ready to type your final paper. Your hard work will pay off in a great literary research paper.

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