Where To Get A Good Chicago Format Research Paper Sample

Research paper is generally a scholarly paper or an academic article prepared by college students which contains results conducted during their academic period. These are elaborated essays which are published in educational and academic journals. Term papers contain review of existing results or improvisation and it may also deals with totally new inventions by the students during their academic study.

Term papers are constructed by following a set of guidelines and rules and it is different from any other form of essay writing. As far as Chicago format is concerned, it demands unique style of writing which makes it different from other academic writings.

The general structure of Chicago term paper is as follows:

  • Title page: it includes the title of the academic work developed by the candidate and it should be in block letters with centered alignment. The personal and academic details. Along with the college address can be furnished in the bottom part of the title page.

  • Abstract: it showcases the overall content or the summary of the term paper and provides the readers a clear idea about the topic dealt within it.

  • Introduction: this serves as a point of entry to your academic essay and it should out exceed in two pages. It serves as a platform for the readers to understand your objectives and theoretical contexts.

  • Main article body: this is where you elaborate your topic in detail and start developing the results. The books quoted in the paragraphs and various periodical titles must be italicized. Important wordings and subtitles are to be capitalized and underlined. This part includes complete analysis, graphical and pictorial representations, tables and illustrations etc.

  • Results: the section where you arrive at a conclusion based on your analysis and experimentation. The results whether it is positive or negative must be stated clearly for readers to understand the theme of the academic work.

  • Discussion: the objective of this section is to interpret your findings and results and find supportive elements for your conclusion. The significance of the result must be mentioned clearly based on your experiment results.

Where to get a good Chicago format research paper format?

You can refer the internet to get the exact format of a Chicago term paper. Many academic and educational websites provide free illustration and ideas about various essays and academic article in order to help the college students to prepare academic writings. You can also refer libraries and academic books to get the overall idea about the format, guidelines and samples of Chicago academic term papers.

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