5 Components Of A Good Research Paper On College Athletes Getting Paid

Writing is an important skill that will be tested when you are in different levels in school. This is why you will need to understand all the nitty-gritty of the important skills. One of the most important thing that you should bear in mind when working on a research paper on college athletes getting paid is that you will need to start with some general information before becoming specific . You will begin by carrying out a literature review and get specific as you go through the research issue and hypothesis. The paper should then become general as you try to apply the findings to the world in general. Here are the 5 key components of a good research paper.


When writing a research paper on college athletes getting paid, you will need to begin with an introduction. This is the part where you set the direction in which you need the paper to move and lay out exactly what you would like the paper to achieve. There are people who choose to do the introduction as the last part of their paper. Each of these methods is good as long as you have a plan for the paper.

General presentation

This offers the benefits that are to be gotten from the research and the reason why the problem could still be remaining unsolved. It could be that no single person has ever thought about it or there are some previous research that came up with some interesting leads where there no previous studies done.

Exact direction and purpose of the study

You should imply exactly what you want to find in the research paper. It is here that some writers put the hypothesis or thesis statement and there is no problem with that. However, many choose to include it in the last part of the introduction and this helps the reader to get a full picture.


This offers the design and methodology that has been used in the research paper to carry out the research. The methodology will vary depending on the exact type and experiment field. However, you do not need to explain every small detail as you can assume that the person reading the paper is familiar with the basics.

Results & discussion

This part is usually variable and will depend on the aim and result of the study. It could present a numerical data and results when you are doing a quantitative research. You should then elaborate your findings and explain them while also giving our own personal interpretations. More ideas on writing a research paper can be found on the web.

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