The Top 20 Best Economic Term Paper Topics To Consider

Economics is an interesting subject, one whose impact we live through every single day. The following are some really good topics that you might think about when you are asked to choose one for your term paper:

  1. Discuss the impact that a falling dollar has on the economy

  2. Explain some of the reasons for a decline in the value of the dollar

  3. From an economic point of view, discuss your understanding of currency valuation and devaluation, highlighting the impact that these two terms have on the economy

  4. Explain some policies that can be implemented to help stabilize the currency rate

  5. During turbulent times, front some mechanisms that are normally applied to shield the currency from devaluation

  6. Discuss some reasons why the dollar is considered the reserve currency of the world

  7. What are some of the benefits of economic growth? Discuss citing relevant examples

  8. Explain some of the common causes of a recession

  9. Using relevant material and contexts, discuss some of the challenges that are associated with recovery from a recession

  10. The prime concern of most economists is to ensure long term economic growth for the entire country. Discuss how this can be achieved

  11. In proper economic terms, discuss the effect of a decline in the savings ratio. Highlight how these effects can be managed.

  12. Increase in inflation makes life harder for citizens, considering that most people do not have a sense of flexibility in their disposable personal income. Explain some of the challenges that relevant authorities face when they attempt to control inflation

  13. In your opinion, do you think it would be wise for the government to strive to attain a low inflationary level?

  14. Inflation targeting is a theory that has been fronted over the years. Discuss this context citing relevant examples

  15. Discuss the challenges that are associated with unemployment, with an emphasis on the challenge of increased population of immigrants in the country

  16. Explain the concept of the natural rate of unemployment, highlighting how it affects the economy in the long run

  17. Discuss the correlation between low unemployment and low inflationary levels

  18. Discuss the balance of payments, with an emphasis on the expansionary demand side policy

  19. What are the causes of a falling stock market?

  20. Explain the effectiveness of tax cuts to the economy

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