How To Write The Results And Discussion Section In A Research Paper

The results and the discussion chapters in your research paper are the main reasons why you are advancing from a proposal to this part where you are covering at the moment. These chapters are the difference that will determine whether you pass or fail your paper. There are so many students who do everything right and then they fail at this juncture. The main reason for this is that in most cases, they do not have the slightest idea how to go about the information that they have already gathered.

Many are the times when as we are marking the papers that students send in, we see some of their work that has a lot of potential but they fail to finish their work off properly. From a professional point of view, it hurts so much to see all this potential get wasted because the student was not keen on a few simple things that would have made all the difference.

The two sections that we are looking at; results and discussion are all about having an analytical angle as you are working on your essay. This is the core of your dissertation. Anything else should not feature at this point. When we are going through your research paper, we need to see how critical you are when analyzing the information that you have gathered, and we need to see how you present this in a coherent fashion.

The following are some simple tips that have helped students in the past, and they can help you too:

  • Go through samples
  • Discuss these chapters with your supervisor

  • Go through samples
  • There are a lot of sample papers that are available out there from where you can learn all you need to about these two sections. As a matter of fact, you get better support from these because you see firsthand how the author did their work.

  • Discuss these chapters with your supervisor
  • Once you have determined that you are stuck, you are normally accorded a supervisor who should guide you as you proceed with this work. To date it beats us why some students present their work for marking when from the word go, we can clearly see that it did not pass through a supervisor. These are some of the things that make us deny students marks which they should have earned very easily.

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