Pride And Prejudice Term Paper Ideas: 20 Fresh Suggestions

A term paper written on any topic in literature can be a challenge if you are not passionate about this particular course. There will always be a noticeable difference between a paper written in simplistic way, and something that you enjoyed writing that was complex and engaging. Pride and Prejudice is a very permissible book, and you have plenty of topics to choose from. The important thing is for you to feel passionate about it and to put enough effort into it.

  • 1. Jane Austen. You can structure your essay and build it around her life. Mention what made her write this novel and other significant pieces of her.
  • 2. Describe Darcy, one of the principal characters of the novel. Make a complete description and express your point of view related to the character.
  • 3. The dialog. How important the dialog was in the development of the action?
  • 4. Social structure. The novel presents the impact of social classes and for sure you can find examples from our modern world that are similar.
  • 5. The symbols and theme. Discuss the symbols presented in the text and also the principal theme.
  • 6. Marriage. Some critics think that this content was meant to criticize the misogynistic approach of marriage in that time.
  • 7. Male and female attitude. There are obvious differences between the way men and women perceive marriage.
  • 8. The relationship between mother and children. Use as example Mrs.Bennet and her behavior towards her children.
  • 9. The moral conclusion of the novel. There are plenty of lessons that can be learned from here; it’s up to you which one you chose to analyze.
  • 10. Mr. Bennet. Is he a positive or negative figure from your point of view?
  • 11. The Bennet sisters. You can naturally analyze four different types of a woman with completely different characters.
  • 12. Social life. What were the cultural norms of that time? Which ones are still kept today?
  • 13. Humor in the novel. Chose some funny situations or present a comic character.
  • 14. The original title of the novel was First Impressions. Does this seem to have any relevance to the content?
  • 15. The book and the film. You can either discuss differences or similarities between the two.
  • 16. Structural Irony. Throughout the novel, Jane Austen uses very often irony to describe normal situations.
  • 17. Society’s conservatism. Many rules were surrounding the social life and characters that did not follow them were criticized by the entire community.
  • 18. Minor characters. Even small roles can have a big impact on the action. Give some examples.
  • 19. The evolution of Darcy’s behavior. Is it according to the action or it is just hypocrisy?
  • 20. Your opinion about the book. Write an essay from your perspective about the impact of Pride and Prejudice and what are the most significant parts of it.

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