Sixteen Strong Research Paper Topics About The US Government

Every student should learn about their country and its government. For this reason, civics teachers often ask students to write research papers about American government. However, to get a high score for your work, you should make your topic interesting. Here are the best custom research papers for sale and a list of good topics that you may use for your paper on American government.

  1. 1. Comparison and analysis of direct and representative democracy.
  2. 2. The changes or modifications in the US Constitution you’d like to make.
  3. 3. The power of individual states in comparison to the power of the federal government.
  4. 4. Programs that will make more people vote during elections.
  5. 5. Comparison and analysis of the two main parties in the US government.
  6. 6. Reasons to vote for a candidate who probably won’t win the election.
  7. 7. Main sources that give money for political campaigns and their reasons for doing this.
  8. 8. Media is the fourth branch of the US government: true or false?
  9. 9. Comparison and analysis of Senate and House of Representatives candidate campaigns.
  10. 10. Members of Congress should follow the will of the voters who elected them.
  11. 11. The use of executive privilege by different presidents throughout the history of the USA.
  12. 12. The most powerful branch of the US government.
  13. 13. The most important rights that are guaranteed by the first amendment.
  14. 14. The reason that the Equal Rights Amendment failed.
  15. 15. The amount of power that belongs to the federal government: is it too much?
  16. 16. The reasons not to rely on polling during presidential elections.

These are decent topics for a research paper on the American government. However, a good topic isn’t enough to write a paper of high quality. Here are some tips that will help you compose a great paper:

  • Do thorough research.

    When your topic is chosen, you should investigate it very carefully. It’s important to know the various nuances of a topic if you want to raise proper arguments and find good support for them.

  • Don’t forget about your readers.

    You should keep in mind that not all of your readers know your topic as well as you do. Make sure to explain obscure terms and avoid using uncommon abbreviations. This will make your paper more reader-friendly.

  • Proofread your paper.

    You shouldn’t be lazy when proofreading your paper if you want to get an excellent grade. Eliminate all grammar and spelling mistakes. Rewrite sentences, and even paragraphs, that don’t relate to your thesis statement.

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