What To Know About The Basic Components Of A Research Paper

At some time in your education career you will be faced with the task of writing a research paper and when this happens it is helpful to understand the basic components within the paper. Here are some basic things to remember when you when you begin this assignment.

Compose a good abstract

The abstract is one of the basic components that this type of writing must include. This portion of the piece will be an overview of the work you will be doing and describing in the rest of the piece and can be compared to the executive summary that gives the key details without going into excessive depth.

Introduce your work

The next important section to this type of composition is to introduce the topic to your reader. The introductory section will draw your reader in and generate interest in the topic and lay the groundwork for the body of the work.

Research methodology and process

The next portion for a research piece of writing is to outline the methodology that you used to gather your information. This section is important as it outlines the entire research project and is critical to making your research legitimate.

Share the results of your investigation

The next step in the basic components is to present the results of your investigation without any interpretation. This allows your reader to follow a logical progression in the investigative process and see the results first for themselves.

Discussion of the results

The discussion portion of the composition is where you begin to logically bring your reader to your intended conclusion. You will use this section to bring the reader to the same conclusion that you saw as you step them through the results of your work.


The final portion of the work is to summarize your efforts and draw a logical conclusion. The conclusion will revisit each of the main points in your research and show how they bring the work to a close.


After the entire piece is complete make sure to include a section on the references and resources that aided in your research. Without this section you may be suspected of cheating or stealing the work that you have turned in so make sure to complete this section and include it in the final piece to get proper credit for your work.

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