How To Get A Checked Example Of A Good Research Paper Introduction

Using a strong example of a research paper introduction will help you improve on the quality of your work. The quality of examples available in different places cannot be assured. This is because some of them are produced for commercial purposes while others are written by unqualified individuals. This calls for selectiveness when searching for examples. Where can you get excellent checked samples?

From Your Tutor

Tutors have genuine interest in the performance of their pupils. This interest is not driven by commercial gain. They are therefore willing and personally obliged to provide any assistance that is required to ensure that you achieve the highest academic goal.

Tutors understand the instructions better than any other person. They are therefore in a better position to provide the highest quality checked samples. Since the teacher will remain with you through the semester or term, you can always return in case you get stuck when using the sample. The teacher will always offer assistance without asking for payment.

Check Online

There are two online sources for checked paper introduction examples.

  • Online libraries- these are portals managed by reputable universities around the world. They stock introduction examples for a wide range of disciplines and in all formatting styles. Their vetting process for books, journals, reference materials, etc. is thorough to protect their reputation. The samples are available at no fee.

  • Credible Writing Websites- the websites provide numerous examples on demand. You are required to provide specifications including the discipline, the topic and formatting style. They will send you a copy via email. Some of the websites and writing agencies sell their papers.

  • Use Your Old Paper

    The writing format does not change or changes slightly from one paper to the other. You are likely to have written a research paper introduction that was praised by your teacher in another unit or at a lower level. Use the same example to construct your current introduction. You have the benefit of corrections made when the paper was being marked. Improve on the current paper by implementing the corrections.

    Ask Your Friends and Colleagues

    Your classmates are also tackling the same assignment. Some have found excellent introduction examples and would be willing to assist you. Request them to assist you with a copy the next time you meet. They may also refer you to a site where you will get numerous examples. The examples are to be used for reference purposes and not copied. Copying will amount to plagiarism.

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