How To Format A Term Paper Conclusion In A Proper Way

When you sit down to write a term paper for your college or university, you will face a different situation as compared to ordinary writing papers like essays. You will realize that these papers require critical thinking, research, planning, organization and formatting. Students may not pay much attention to the format of their assignments because they consider it less important. Even though formatting may be only 5% of the entire effort you have to make for bringing a strong paper together, but this 5% really matters a lot. This will act as the topping on your desert and make your paper look more presentable and engaging to your audience. Therefore, you should always focus on formatting your paper in the right manner in order to increase your chances of earning a better grade.

The conclusion of your paper is where you will summarize everything you have done so far in your paper. When you have completed your body of the essay, you will move to writing a strong conclusion. It does not have to be redundant or restate the same ideas but it must present an extract of what you have done so far. This section of your paper can include a call for action or provide details for future research so that you can give your readers a good value for reading your paper.

Here is how you can format your conclusion in a proper way.

  1. Restate the title of your assignment

  2. Show the significance of your topic

  3. Restate the thesis statement in different words

  4. Address any conflicting views and opposing ideas that you will counter

  5. Include a call to action or a thought provoking sentence

These are all the essential things you should be able to do in your conclusion. Unless otherwise instructed by your professor, you should not include any other point or detail in your conclusion. Make sure that you do not introduce any new ideas at this stage as they will only confuse your audience. Only revise the major arguments you have written and give the readers a clear idea of how you addressed the problem successfully.

Additionally, use clear and easily readable font size and style for your paper. If you have used external sources in your paper, make sure you include them in the references or citation section as per the demand from your teacher.

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