Choosing Fresh International Business Topics For A Research Paper

A research document and essay can be written from a different perspective than the usual topics that you see. They don’t always have to be about race and topics that have been overdone time and time again. While that could be a necessity in some cases, topics that open the mind are generally what create unique documents. If they are topics that haven’t been before considered it could create somewhat of a unique view of the situation and then the paper may be worth more in terms of your grade and add some value to the writer's own mind and in turn the readers as well.

  • - Business topics range but mainly, business isn’t business without money, these situations and topics can be used to create different avenues of creating money and perhaps find a unique way of creating their own money instead of just going along with the usual way of doing things. Topics like foreign trade, individual and small business trends, larger world scale trends on an individual basis and consistent ways to ensure that growth is made. Art, advertising and freedom of speech and advertisements, applications used to mine for oil.

  • - Business and art come into a similar category as without the visualization of atopic there is no transfer of information that can be designed in the way business wants to control it and release it. This can be argued about subliminal messaging and things that are hidden, but not so hidden, within the advertisements that will increase or decrease a company’s portfolio and create somewhat of an argument.

  • - Another thesis statement for a research paper could be freedom of speech and the topics about allowing one’s self to be who they are regardless of what that is, depending on the intention being made. Laws are in place to support some, but they don’t always create a freedom of speech and can be responsible for less freedom as well. This and business can go hand in hand in specific markets that are controversial and utilized at the same time.

  • - Applications for oil companies generally have tools such as fracking that are under a lot of scrutinies. With the creation of different technologies and alternatives to oil that would replace a large portion of the industry and the way it works. This is always a topic that has a lot of room for improvement.

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