Quick Tips On How To Make A Cover Page For A Chicago Style Research Paper

Well, despite the many different types of writing styles in academia, at some point, they may just function to achieve the same ends. On this premise, there are some factors that will always help distinguish an APA paper from a Chicago styled paper and also set clear the distinctions between MLA paper and Harvard Styled paper. Different academic writing styles therefore have varied cover page designs and the contents of those cover pages can also help make some clear cut distinctions. The writing and formatting styles are always requisite considerations and based on this knowledge, a student is supposed to take note of a number issues regarding Chicago cover page formatting techniques as discussed hereafter.

Where should you place the title?

While in most cases of academic writing the title page will always be a stand-alone, but when it comes to make it dress the part for a Chicago paper, it should be distinctly placed in the middle of the cover page and also half way on both sides. Specifically, it should be centered.

Appearance of your name

As the author of the paper, having your name rightly placed with earn your some reputation. So, for a Chicago paper, make sure that the name is also centered and appears directly beneath the title.

Other names and titles

Well, it is not just your name that should or will appear on Chicago style academic research paper, other names like that of your teacher, the title of the course and date should also appear. However, regarding how they should be formatted, it is important to make sure they appear in three different lines in that order and center aligned at the bottom of the cover page. They should always be in block format.

Font styles and font size

These are crucial elements of a term paper and so, they ought to be taken good care of even when it comes to formatting the cover page. In this regard, do not decorate your cover page using bold types but Time New Roman and 12 point are ideal to achieve what is required of you.


Just like it is with the case of other academic writing styles, never make the mistake of numbering your cover page. Essentially, it should not be counted among other pages but instead be distinct and stand on its own

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