Inventing Outstanding Ideas For A Research Paper In History

Deciding to write a research paper on any historical topic is an exciting proposition to many. Sadly, there is no systematic or surefire approach to choose a topic. When it comes to the choice of a topic in the vast ocean of history, aspiring researchers often find it pretty much confusing and perplexing.

How to develop a workable approach to your paper?

At the beginning, you need to find questions which are approachable and fit within the historical study, because many of your primarily chosen ideas might look attractive, but those may not fit the study field.

Five examples of less-than-good ideas:

  • "Was George Washington a good statesman?"
  • “Was the massacre of Hiroshima and Nagasaki inevitable?”
  • “Was the collapse of the Roman Empire righteous?”
  • “Was the Civil Rights Movement essential?”
  • “Is the SAT a good standard test for US students?”

While these questions seem valid enough to ask in public, historians would not find them generally answerable with the help of the existing historical resources. However, you can pick some outstanding ideas from the above questions just by making some changes to the intent of the questions.

Five examples of good ideas for your history research paper:

  • “Why do Americans love George Washington as their statesman?”
  • “Why did the USA bomb the two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki?”
  • “What are the reasons behind the collapse of the Roman Empire?”
  • “How did the African Americans’ experience change following the Civil Rights Movement?”
  • “What is the history behind the SAT becoming the standard test for US students?”

By now, you might have noticed that the former questions can be answered with yes or no in spite of some arguments. But the latter questions raise the need for an overall investigation by means of some explicit statements.

Five outstanding ideas to choose from:

While you have a lot of ideas to choose from, the following ones will help you narrow down your efforts to find some of the most attractive ideas for your history research paper:

  • - Major historical eras which include the Dark Ages, The Bronze Age, 20th Century European History, etc.
  • - Countries of the world which may include the foundation history, culture, social values and other aspects to be examined thoroughly in light of the world history.
  • - Major wars in human civilization which may include each and every war from the French Revolution to the Gulf War.
  • - Generalized topics which hold historical value, including the various peace treaties, the role and evolution of women as major contributors, the explorer Megellen, etc.
  • - Biographical topics which may include the way great statesmen contributed to their countries, the role of pioneers of different welfare initiatives in the history of mankind, etc.

However, success in publishing a history research paper significantly depends on the topic you are researching.

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