How To Compose An A-Grade Research Paper About Reality TV Shows

Reality TV shows are a large part of our pop culture and what we see on television. If you turn on television channel, whether it is science, history, home and garden, or another kind, reality TV is included. People love the drama and emotion that is included with reality TV. From good bargains at pawnshops to risky moves on operating tables, reality television shows cover real life (although, often this “reality” may seem to be scripted). This controversy is just one of the many areas that can be explored academically on the topic. When it comes to composing an A-grade research paper about reality TV shows, there are few different steps and tactics you can take to help ensure success.


  • - Brainstorm: Consider what the best possible approach is for your research paper. You want to be sure the topic meets the expectations of the instructions/rubric, as well as holds interests. The topic will need to hold your interest to keep you engaged throughout the writing process, as well as the attentions’ of your audience members.
  • - Plan: Once you have your topic you will need to create a plan. A plan for your research, and then an outline for your writing. By establishing your thesis statement you can give your research direction. With your research you can create the outline to follow while writing.
  • - Execute: Next it is time to write. You will follow the outline you have created with your unique idea and research. By organizing your researching into the outline you keep the ideas of your paper organized to help you ace it.
  • - Edit: After writing you will need to edit. It is normal to have several drafts of a paper before settling on one finalized copy.


You know how to properly execute the paper, but what about some inspiration? Think about reality TV shows, their topics, and how they operate to get some inspiring ideas. With an original idea you will do great!

  • - Scripted or Not?: How planned out are reality shows? Are some more than others? How can we know? Go into the details of how planning a reality TV show really works, and how much is left for natural occurrence.
  • - Life After the Show: How does reality fame affect a person? What stars or people can we look to for evidence of life after the show?
  • - Reality TV Show Species: What defines a reality show? Explore a specific genre or group of shows.

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