Ten Interesting Chemistry Topics For A Research Paper

If you are passionate about chemistry, you have a very good imagination but also a very analytic personality. To succeed in this course, you need to study a lot and to be willing to make an extra effort to any complicated matter. When you want to analyze deeper a certain issue, you can always make your own experiments. They are fun, and they will show to your teacher how much effort you are willing to put in your work. These are ten interesting chemistry topics for your research paper:

  • 1. Build a volcano. This is a very fun experiment to do, and you can accompany it with an article that talks about the chemical composition of the lava and how this one erupts.

  • 2. Mercury poisoning. Many factories are releasing their waste that contains mercury into lakes. This does not only affect the fish and the surrounding fauna, but it can quickly affect humans.

  • 3. Plants mutation. Radiation, pollution or biological waste can change the aspect and the chemical balance of plants. You can easily make an experiment by growing a plant and introducing chemicals into the soil.

  • 4. Pesticides. Many people do not realize how dangerous pesticides actually are. They end up on fruits and vegetables that are consumed by people, and they can be severely poisoning for humans.

  • 5. Penicillin. It was maybe one of the greatest discoveries of humanity, and it saved so many lives. The chemical composition and the way it is produced is quite impressive.

  • 6. The composition of makeup. Most of the women nowadays wear makeup, however, not all of them know what each product contains.

  • 7. Chemistry used in the food industry. The color, smell and composition of aliments is very often changed using toxins. This is not moral or safe, so bring a few clear examples of products that can be dangerous.

  • 8. Pathology and Forensics. When a doctor needs to find out the cause of the death, very often he will use different substances that will show if any poisoning substances were used.

  • 9. The toxins in our home. Detergent, perfume or furniture paint, all these can be much more dangerous for us than we think. Explain how the substances that we find in detergent can affect our life.

  • 10. Anti-aging crèmes. These lotions contain different elements that are meant to stop the aging process. A big part of them do not work, and they have only a superficial effect on the skin. Explain why it is difficult to stop the aging process and what are the chemical changes that take place in our body.

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