19 Philosophy Topics For Writing An Excellent Term Paper

In order for one to write a great philosophy term paper one must be able to select a topic that hasn’t been overused; one that is unique and interesting, as well as one that pushes the limits of academic discourse. This can be easier said than done, so we’ve made a list of great topics to use in writing an excellent term paper:

  • 1. Should all couples automatically have access to infertility treatments? Is there a possibility for abuse?
  • 2. Can creationism and evolution both be true? In what ways can they coexist?
  • 3. Do you believe that a 12 week old fetus have the same rights as a person outside the womb?
  • 4. Do you believe that language affects the way we perceive the world around us?
  • 5. Do you believe world peace is possible or a delusion created by people?
  • 6. Does happiness exist without sadness? Is it possible to experience one state more than the other and is this harmful?
  • 7. Is there a real meaning to individuals or humanity? What purpose would knowing the answer to this serve?
  • 8. Is it ever acceptable to have an extra-marital affair? What about the case when the marriage has all but ended?
  • 9. Do you believe that politics are dangerous to the fabric of society? What alternatives exist?
  • 10. Could non-human animals be evil? If so, what constitutes evil?
  • 11. What is our understanding of good and evil? Who decides what is what and have humans become accustomed to outdated definitions?
  • 12. Is being “innocent” really only a way of understanding the world without knowledge?
  • 13. Is there such a thing as truth or is it all just the opinion of people with unique perspectives?
  • 14. What is more important to people in society? Freedom or safety?
  • 15. Is spanking to instill moral values on children ethical or is it abuse?
  • 16. Does life exist outside of Earth? If so, what does this mean to the way we perceive our existence?
  • 17. Is it right to do the wrong thing for the right reason? Who is the moral judge in these cases?
  • 18. Is it ethical to steal money if you need it for survival? How about to pay rent or buy food?
  • 19. Is the fear of death more about a belief in an afterlife that might not be pleasant?

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