List Of 20 Good Research Paper Topics About The History Of Medicine

It isn’t difficult to write an outstanding research paper about the history of medicine if you pick a suitable topic to explore. A range of nuances should be considered at this point.

The Things to Remember

The history of medicine is an extremely broad subject and it covers lots of great issues in different medical branches that can be successfully developed in your paper. When selecting a topic idea for your paper, keep in mind the following nuances:

  • Pick a topic you are really interested in.

  • If you consider pursuing your career in medicine, give preference to a topic that may be useful to you professionally.

  • Select an original topic and avoid writing about overused issues.

  • Make sure that your topic is manageable and researchable. You should have enough credible sources to refer to and be competent enough to understand and convey all the ideas properly.

Great Topic Ideas for Inspiration

Hopefully, the following list of topic suggestions will prompt you in the right direction for your paper.

  1. Pandemic diseases and their role in the history of mankind.

  2. The history of medical research on humans: ethical aspects.

  3. The history and evolution of a stethoscope.

  4. The history of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): the first attempts of applying the technique and the contemporary approach to the process.

  5. The origins and evolution of osteopathic medicine.

  6. Physician assistants in medicine: the origins of the profession and its historical development over the course of years.

  7. The history of medical care in your country.

  8. The history of success of a particular pharmaceutical company.

  9. Medical research information obtained unethically: can it be used to train future doctors?

  10. Doctors as serial murderers: getting acquainted with the most notorious figures in human history.

  11. Drug abuse and medicine: in search of the most striking examples in the history of medicine when these two phenomena mix.

  12. The history of psychiatry: from surgical lobotomies to modern antidepressant therapies.

  13. The history of the DNA modeling and its impact on the existing studies in the area of genetics.

  14. The history of antiseptic medicine and the role of Joseph Lister in the field.

  15. Polio vaccines: historical development, types, and efficiency.

  16. The origins of acupuncture and its development into a current medical practice.

  17. Ancient medicine: what was it like?

  18. The rise of preventive medicine: understanding the causes and effects.

  19. The development of modern medicine: who outlined the basic principles that are commonly accepted nowadays?

  20. Medicine in the Middle Ages: what was it like?

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