Choosing Winning Topics For A Research Paper About Technology

In high school and college, you’ll have to write a lot ofresearch papers for a number of different classes. These types of papers present information, creating an argument based in facts and logic based in extensive research. Usually, you’ll have some choice as to what you can write about, although this may vary depending on what class you’re writing the paper for. Technology provides a wide range of interesting research paper topics across a wide variety of fields, from computer science to sociology. “Technology” is a broad term, but it’s often used to refer to modern developments, especially computers and the Internet. These inventions have created significant change in the world, which provides quite a bit of material that you could write a research paper about.

Here are some tips for choosing a solid, original, and interesting technology topic for your paper.

  • Consider what class you’re writing the paper for. If your research paper is for a social science or humanities class, you’ll probably want to focus on how technologies impact human behavior and society. For science classes, you’ll want to focus more on technical discussions.
  • Choose a subtopic that interests you. If you’re genuinely interested in what you’re writing about, your paper will be much easier to write. If you’re interested in video games, for example, you could find a topic that incorporates this technology into a relevant discussion for the class you’re writing for.
  • Use valid sources. Valid, authoritative sources are the key to writing a great research paper. Avoid encyclopedias and other tertiary sources, focusing on academic journal articles, scientific studies, and books written by experts in the field.
  • Outline your paper before you write it. This helps you build the general structure of the paper before actually writing it, ensuring that your arguments and presentation of information will actually make sense. For most people, this is a very useful thing to do, although it’s largely optional.

General Topics That You Can Consider

  • The effects of living in a technologically sophisticated world
  • The effects of communications technology on children and childhood
  • Implications of technology for increasing globalization
  • Effects of social media on human communication
  • Using technology in education
  • Issues surrounding Internet censorship
  • The effects of real-world technological advancement on the evolution of science fiction as a genre
  • Issues surrounding the idea of “identity chip” implants
  • Benefits and dangers of genetically modified crops and livestock
  • Video game addiction as a legitimate mental illness

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