List Of Compelling Research Paper Topics For 8th Graders

When you are in 8th grade, you feel that every assignment is difficult. No matter how much you focus you try to finish fast you still have to waste an entire afternoon for your assignments. Besides, when you have to create a research paper you never know what topic to choose. To make things easier for you and to get high grades, choose one of these compelling topics:

  • Free education for everyone. As you know, not all children can afford good education. How would it be if the government would offer free scholarships for every student? Do you think that the country would improve?

  • Children with disabilities. In general, children with disabilities don’t make friend easily, and they suffer very much because of this. In your research paper you can discuss about this issue and how you and your colleagues can help these children.

  • Uniforms for students. There are many advantages and disadvantages for this, and you can discuss about all of them in your composition. Do you think that students should wear uniforms?

  • Adoption. Do you think that the government should promote adoption more? Why is it so important for children to be part of a family?

  • Animal protection. It is very important to protect and care for the animals, but unfortunately not all people think the same way. The government has strict laws regarding this issue, but all the community has to work to solve this problem. What can students do to improve the life of the animals?

  • Reading. Why is it vital for students to read as much as possible? What is your favorite book and why? You can even make a resume of the book so you can present it to your colleagues. If your composition is interesting enough, they might get to read it.

  • How much your teachers matter for you? Do you think that what you learned from them will help you in the next years? Are they an inspiration for you?

  • Technology and teenagers. You love to spend time on your mobile and computer, but is this useful for you? How much time should teenagers really spend on the Internet? Are you getting any benefit from playing games and staying on social media?

  • Sports. What is your favorite sport and why? Should teenagers play sports more often?

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