A List Of The Most Impressive Research Paper Topics On Zoos

It is a common opinion that zoos are supposed to entertain people. Everyday thousands of parents with their kids visit local zoos to see various animals or to have a guided tour, where the guide will tell some interesting facts about animals.

Keeping animals in cages is a question of serious debates and researches. Animal rights’ fighters state that it’s inhuman to keep animals in such prisons. Other people defend zoos by saying that they are created as the means of rare species protection.

Research papers on zoos are as important as any other research projects. There are many aspects that can be described and studied while conducting research processes. Zoos are individual ecosystems, where you can find animals from all over the world. You can find some species whose ways in wild nature never cross, but they manage to coexist. If a student is going to write a research paper about zoos he or she should be ready for a tough challenge because the whole process of work requires tremendous attention and skillfulness. Below you can find a list of research paper topics on zoo life.

  1. 1. What are the peculiarities of primates’ behavior in zoos?
  2. 2. Do predators that inhabit zoos obtain a proper ration?
  3. 3. What should be included into the ration of sea living mammals?
  4. 4. What were the earliest stages of zoos creation at the beginning of the 19th century?
  5. 5. Psychology of interaction between a breeder and abandoned cubs?
  6. 6. How can zoos prevent animal species from extinction?
  7. 7. What are the types of zoos that have appeared in the 21st century?
  8. 8. What are the ways of providing artificial climate conditions for endangered species?
  9. 9. Can animals develop properly while being held in cages?
  10. 10. What special conditions should be given to the elephants that are kept in zoos?
  11. 11. What are the ways of observing animals in zoos?
  12. 12. How can the zoo workers’ acts of violence be avoided?
  13. 13. Whom are we really helping by creating zoos?
  14. 14. How can we provide a proper health care for animals that are kept in zoos?
  15. 15. Habitat degradation effect on the wild cats.
  16. 16. What are the species that cannot adapt to zoo life and how the problem can be solved?
  17. 17. Are zoos only delaying the process of endangered species extinction?
  18. 18. What are the most important sources of the zoo funding?
  19. 19. Are the animals in zoos abused for human entertainment?
  20. 20. Is keeping animals in zoos a violation of animals’ rights or is it the way of their protection?

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