Getting A Dissertation Bibliography Example In The Harvard Style

Dissertations are a major step in your pursuit of a doctoral degree. There exist many forms of these documents and you may want to look at various forms before you decide on your own style. There are many avenues open for exploring different examples and it can be a pain finding a specific one. Here are some guidelines to finding a dissertation bibliography in the Harvard style:

  1. Visit a university professor if possible
  2. Professors are required to instruct students of doctoral studies so it is expected they will have examples of these papers in their possession. If you live near a university or school, pay them a visit, you may be lucky to acquire an example from this source.

  3. Visit your local library
  4. Libraries have been used for studies for decades and continue to be used even today. Over the years libraries accumulate large stores of research papers and texts and are sure to have materials used by past doctoral students. Simply ask the librarian for the location of the doctoral studies and you will be sure to find Harvard style dissertation bibliography examples.

  5. Search online universities
  6. Many popular universities provide course online and many offer select course for free. Simply use any search engine to find these universities and select any free one. A short registration may be required to gain access to the features of the site after which you are sure to find assistance in finding your desired example.

  7. View educational videos on dissertations online
  8. It is often slow finding a job after leaving university, or sometimes professors need extra cash. As a result, many graduates and professors have opted to tutoring online as a source of income. An easy search on the web will present you with links to many of these tutors and a simple request may be all that is required to obtain sample sections of the type of paper you require.

  9. Use social media to contact a Harvard student or professor
  10. Social media exists in many forms these days and just about everyone is a member of one or the other. There exist many groups and doctoral studies are sure to have their own groups. Using any social media, you may already be a member of one, do a search for a doctoral groups and contact the members. It should be no trouble to obtain the required sample from them.

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